So, you went ahead and did it? You bought your tickets for your holidays outside of your city and/or your country and you are going on a trip for the first time. As with anyone traveling to a city for the first time, you must be feeling excited and anxious. Excited to discover the destination you have chosen but also anxious to take full advantage of your time and see as many things as possible.

As a first time tourist in a new city, we can provide you with some basic tips so you can feel comfortable and live as a local while having fun at the same time.

#1: Do your research beforehand

A very important tip when visiting a new city for the first time. Try researching before going, either online or through a comprehensive travel guide or even asking locals online, about where you will go to eat local delicacies, to drink and have fun. A great tip and idea is to search online and in specified forums and websites where you can have fun and enjoy yourself such as private parties and clubs. Most probably you will not find such information in a travel guide but rather online.

#2: Speak with locals

Do not feel ashamed. There is no better way to discover and have fun at a city than meeting and speaking with locals of that city. They will tell you all about the hidden gems that you need to visit, stuff that aren’t on tourist guides and online. They might even inform you about a private party and club where you can fun or even (not unlikely) invite you to their own private party and club. This way you will make strong connections, new acquaintances and have fun at the same time.

#3: Learn few foreign words

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. By learning few foreign and local words and phrases, it will be easier to break the ice and speak with locals. Making an effort to communicate in their own native language, it will be easier to learn what you want and where to go to have fun. You will enjoy it and certainly you will laugh wholeheartedly while enjoying a new city as a tourist.

#4: Stay safe

At this point we want to stress out that it is very important to stay safe while having fun. Social media constantly affect our lives and the way we have. Don’t rush yourself into doing risky or dangerous things just for fun. Learn to trust and if you are invited to a private party or club, always make sure that you have a backup plan or a friend with you in case something goes wrong.

#5: Do not hesitate to go a bit further

When traveling for the first time in a new city, there is a great chance that the clubs and parties near the center are only for tourists. Do not hesitate to hop on a bus or a train to go to a private party or club a bit outside the city limits.

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